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Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries




Restore the connection of nerve impulse into each muscle of the lower extremities, lumbar and upper extremities.

Turning a weak muscle test into a strong muscle test can happen as quickly as flicking a light switch on. In the first 1-3 treatments you will already see results. Nerves act in the same way as an electrical circuit because they are electric. Results will vary depending on actual physical and specific nerve damage. Nerves that have been dormant for some time can respond quite favorably.


Restore the smoothness of the movement of upper and lower extremities.

This work has shown to allow the muscle to move in a healthy and coordinated manner, without tremors, and with ease.


Home visits allow for convenience and less stress for the family.

Have you spent hundreds of hours and $$$ and have come to a plateau? This will take the nervous system to the next level. There is nothing available that compares to the speed and quality of results that are being attained.


Home exercises and professional therapies’ timeline can be sped up.

These treatments can work with speech, physiotherapy, Massage therapy, and increase their results much faster than without.


Hope becomes a realization.


Utilization of very current 21st Century technologies to help nerves heal and restore connectivity.

We use technologies that NASA and the Russians are using for regeneration of brain and spine nerves.