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• Thompson Terminal Point Technique (TTPT)


These hydraulically run tables with cushions that are powered by air compression allows for an adjustment that avoids the “crack and crunch” idea of what most people think a chiropractic adjustment is about. It is like adjusting your spine on a cushion of air. The drops also allow for inter-segmental traction of the vertebra. I studied this technique with the founder in the 80’s under Dr Clay Thompson DC and have been using it ever since as my main foundation.

This technique has the patient lying face down. It brings the patient down to a lying position which helps for the elderly or people in a lot of pain that cannot get on and off the table. The leg lengths are compared while the spine and joints are stressed. When there is spinal stress the leg lengths will change. This directs the doctor to know WHERE, WHEN, and WHEN NOT TO MAKE THE ADJUSTMENT.


• Quantum Neurology


Traumatic Brain Injuries, Concussion, Stroke, and other degenerative conditions of the joints, spine and immune system respond favorably to this technology. The body will heal when the nerves’ voltage is boosted to its normal level. Dis-ease occurs when the body voltage is low. This technology simply boosts and reconnects the nerves to their source, that being your Innate Intelligence.

This technology understands that the nervous system is the “language of light” and the expression of nerve function is dependent on how well the nervous system is communicating at a motor and sensory level. That is why this specific neurological approach helps athletes, adults, and children perform to their highest neurological expression.

Each nerve is tested at a functional level (motor) and sensory (feeling) level using traditional neurological testing to seek out the deficiencies, treat, retest, and then allow the body to do its magnificent job of healing and regeneration.

• Bio Cranial

This amazing 3 minute cranial procedure was founded by Dr. Robert Boyd D.O with whom I had the honor to study this technique. After studying cranial orthopedics in Europe extensively he found that there was still something missing. It was through Divine inspiration that he came to this specific procedure to globally release dural tension from the head to the toes. I have literally seen miracles happen from athetoid cerebral palsy in an 18 year old change his entire life in 4 visits, to balancing out a distorted chest, to balancing cross-eyedness in a 6 year old, and on and on.

This procedure is the same for each individual but each individual’s expression of this global Dural release is different. It is not a “feel good” procedure. It is clearing out the cob webs of the fascial and dural membranes.


• Nutrition Response Testing


Do you go to the health store and see which nutritional is the flavor of the month, not really knowing if this is a priority for your healing, which one to take out of 30 different brands, how many to take, and when to change? How does your body prioritize the nutrition you require? This technology will help in your decision.

• Arthrostim and Percussion Therapy

arthrostim   percussor    chirossager    footmassager  vibrationplate

These instruments help in removing nerve intereference in a gentle way. It behaves like a gentle tap to stimulate the vertebral and joint mechanoreceptors, reduce dural stress, reduce spasms and allow “tenderizing” of the muscle fibres. Especially this is useful in painful conditions and injuries.


• Soft Tissue Orthopedics


This technology was developed by Dr. Mel Rees DC who contributed a lot to Dr. George Goodheart’s work in Applied Kinesiology. STO tests the organs and through gentle manipulations helps with lymphatic drainage and stimulation of reflex points to de-stress organs.

• Sound Healing and Harmonics


We are made up of frequencies that vibrate at different rates. In healing and disease sound vibrations can help in restoring balance. I bet you haven’t experienced anything like my tuning forks, namely my MINI MOSES and two 2 foot tuners, then maybe it is time.


• Osteopathy    


• Ear Candling

This ancient art of healing is helpful for blocked ears due to water or wax build up. It helps with sinus issues, headaches, congestion of the neck and head, and other conditions. Only use genuine beeswax candles. This is very important. Beeswax burns away to nothing leaving little or no residue. The process uses beeswax candles which are hollow inserted into the ear. The gentle warm waft of air caused by the heat of the candle causes a vacuum that helps to draw out toxins, wax, articles, parasites, old infection, etc… out through the hollow candle. Most will be burned off but often debris is found inside the candle after the 20-30 minute session. Each ear is done.

It is recommended to apply olive oil on a cotton swab and leave it in the ear overnight to soften any wax build up in the ear prior to the treatment. If you have a perforated eardrum this process in contraindicated.


SCENAR Therapy

. Avazzia

. Denas

. Vertebra 2


LED Light Therapy

. In Light Wellness Systems

. Quantum Neurology


PEMF Therapy

  • Almag 3 PEMF Russian device is helpful for concussion, depression, brain injury, migraines, colds, etc.. It is a band of pulsed magnets that go around the head for a 20 minute session. These can also be applied over joints of the knee, hand, wrist, shoulder, etc.. Pulsed Electric Magnetic Fields help to increase blood flow and healing to joints.


Testing Technologies

. Nerve Express HRV Analysis

. Multi Scan Pro Screening

. 12 Cranial Nerve Traditional Neurological Testing

. Muscle Testing



Corporate Health and Wellness Professional Services

. Health Screening

. Lunch’n Learn

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